Boring and Welding Machine

Предмет №: PBW25
Boring and Welding Machine PBW25

Boring Range:  Ø40- Ø250mm

Welding Range: Ø40- Ø250mm/Ø300mm/Ø350mm
Product Name: Boring and Welding Machine PBW25

  • Boring and Welding Machine PBW25 for engineering machinery is a portable processing equipment developed for field service of engineering machinery, which is mainly used in welding and boring small-scale pipeline inner hole and concentric span hole, and widely applied in engineering machinery, including excavator, crane, loader, our PBW25 is engineering machinery by increasingly improving equipment structure according to actual demands on field processing. This machine is the better servicing installation for engineering machinery. Only one person is required for operation, and the actual operation difficulty greatly reduces for its focus on field in design concept and processing to make serviceman handier with the machine
  • Main application scope: processing after repair welding, or bushing installation after hole expansion of rotation hole, hinge joint hole, and hinge pin hole in all engineering machines; repair and processing of concentric hole in excavator, loader, pressure machine, crane, etc.; and multiple holes lying alongside to conduct disposable positioning processing to multiple holes to ensure the coaxiality of these holes.
  • This machine is installed by fixed clamping, and uses different tool rest according to different diameter ranges. Please confirm the diameter of processing hole before use to select the appropriate tool rest.
Standard Accessories:
  • 2.6KW servo motor
  • Boring bar 50x750mm and50x1600mm
  • Supports bolts
  • Cutters
  • Set—up cones
  • Connecting support tomachine
  • Installing support
  • Top knife topwires
  • Extended knifeholder
  • Aluminum welding rod
  • Aluminum Telescopic pipe
  • Tip assembly
  • Welding torchcable
  • Control cable
  • Wire feed hose
  • Reducing sleeve
  • Conductive nozzle
  • Protection nozzle
  • Electric control box set
  • Movable controlswitch
  • Tool set
  • Nuts
Optional Accessories:
  • Facing head assembly
  • Boring bar 30/35/40mm
Model PBW25
Servo motor 2.6KW servo motor
Voltage 220V or others
Spindle speed 55-200 r/min (stepless)
Boring bar Φ50mm (standard), φ/30/40/45/50mm (optional)
Welding bar Φ30x1200mm
Speed reducer Common speed reducer or high precision speed reducer
Length of boring bar Φ50x750mm and Φ50x1600mm(standard)
Or 800/1000/1500/2000/2500/3000mm (optional) 260mm
Boring diameter 55Φ-φ250mm (standard), Φ40-φ250mm